Arts and Crafts

Glen Abbey carries a wide assortment of arts and crafts supplies, from paint to printing supplies, we have just what you need.


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Borders and Trimmers

Glen Abbey has a variety of borders and trimmers for bulletin board displays in classrooms and study spaces.

Building Toys

Building toys promote cognitive skills, academic skills and imagination in students. Glen Abbey carries several construction toys to help foster this creativity we see in young kids.

Bulletin Board Accents

Glen Abbey has a variety of colourful accents to help add details to any bulletin board.

Bulletin Board cut outs

Vast collection of letter and shape cut-out’s to liven-up your bulletin board displays.

Bulletin Board Sets

Bulletin Board sets are an easy, eye catching way to decorate the classroom. Find sets for math, science, numbers, letters, birthdays and many other themes.

Bulletin Board Paper

Bulletin Board paper is avalible in many colours and designs for a resourceful decoration in the classroom.

Coding Games

Coding games are perfect to get kids problem solving and thinking at a young age.

Flash Cards

The perfect tool for improving and perfecting your memory. Get flashcards for any subject on a variety of topics.

French Resources

Glen Abbey carries many books and games in french to cater to our francophone customers and avid learners.


Games are a new way of practicing skills while having fun. Choose from logic and strategy games, language and math bingo games and other classics to make the learning experience more enjoyable!

Infant Toys

Get safe, soft toys for your little ones including plushies, blocks and other toys.


Use magnetic letters or number at home to practise math and reading in a new workspaces.


Manipulatives can help incorpate senses of touch, colour and texture to teach essential skills. Buy manipulatives to aid in the congnitive learning process for for both math and langauge.

Musical Instruments

Glen Abbey has a nice mixture of small drums, harmonicas, egg shakers and many more instruments to get kids tuned into music making.


Glen Abbey has a variety of laminated placemats in different designs and subjects.

Play Food

Choose from a wide assortment of kitchen sets and play food toys for your tiny chef.

Pocket Charts

Pocket Charts are a great way to organize and manage the classroom workspace. Glen Abbey carries pocket charts in many sizes and varieties.


Choose from informative, subject or decorative posters, this will help brighten up the learning space.


Puzzles are perfect for a family games night. Buy wooden or cardboard jigsaw puzzles to pass the time.

STEM kits

STEM toys are a wonderful introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in the real world while being easy to use at home.

Spanish Resources

Glen Abbey carries many books and games in Spanish to cater to our Spanish speaking customers and avid learners.


For when you need to shop for back to school or stock up on gluesticks, you can find any stationary you need at Glen Abbey.


Everybody loves stickers! Glen Abbey has bright, colourful and even Scratch and sniff stickers.

Workbooks / Early Readers

A great way to practice reading, writing and comprehension skills. Buy early reader books and other workbooks!